MOSHO project will develop and integrate advanced solutions for the repair of composite aeronautical structures.


The project aims at developing new materials solutions, particularly resistant to impact and with self-regeneration capabilities, and repair techniques of composite structures, their inspection by NDT techniques and their qualification, as well as the monitoring of the structural integrity of such repairs through integrated and autonomous SHM system.

The repair solutions will be more eco-efficient, optimizing the resources used (raw materials, energy efficiency) and implementing concepts of eco-efficiency and total efficiency, and evaluating the life cycle of repairs.

The project will validate a new integrated approach for the advanced repair of composite structures, with the potential to revolutionize aircraft repair and maintenance operations.

The I&D activities of the MOSHO project’s are strongly aligned with the CleanSky2 strategy, more specifically the IDT_Airframe with which it has had several synergies. The MOSHO project is a project of complementary activities to the PASSARO – Capabilities for Innovative Structural and functional testing of aerostructures project, financed under a call to Core Partner of Clean Sky 2, in partnership with ADS (Airbus Defense and Space), and the which the promoters of the MOSHO project are an integral part. The project is also in line with the vision of an international airline operator (TAP) that allows framing the future valuation of the results of the most efficient project.

At the end of the project, the following results are expected: